PHP session time set unset and check existence

PHP session is one of the methods for keeping data persistency on the server side. PHP sessions have a deadline time limit for keeping data persistent. PHP configuration file includes directives to have this specification. We can also create custom code to change the default PHP session deadline. This article contains sections that describe the […]

PHP header

PHP header function is to send a raw HTTP header to the client. The raw header contains the request and other metadata. It helps to set content type, caching, location and similar data. The HTTP header is to pass additional details with an HTTP request.  It contains the details in the form of key: value […]

Dynamically load content in Bootstrap Modal with AJAX

How to Load Dynamic Content in Bootstrap Modal,Loading Dynamic Content on a Bootstrap Modal using jQuery,How to load dynamic content in bootstrap modal,Load Dynamic Content in Bootstrap Modal using Ajax Bootstrap Modal is a popup box that is customizable and responsive. It can be used in many different ways – display login or registration form, […]

jQuery Image Rotate


In this tutorial, we are going to rotate HTML image element by using jQuery. In the previous tutorial, we have seen How Can I Generate a Random Alphanumeric String in PHP?. In this image rotation example, we are using jQuery animate function. Using this function we are controlling the image transform property.

How Can I Generate a Random Alphanumeric String in PHP?

The need to generate a unique random alphanumeric string of a given length is very common. You may need it for various purpose like creating a random username or a filename. In this article, you will learn about different methods that can be used to generate random alphanumeric string in PHP. Using str_shuffle() to Generate […]

How to Handle CSV with PHP: Read Write, Import Export with Database

Export Data to CSV

CSV is one of the familiar file formats and used widely by programmers for handling data. The simplicity of the format and human readable form made it so popular. CSV stands for Comma-Separated Values. In earlier days, the delimiter was only a comma (,) and so the name CSV. Nowadays, CSV files use tab-demitted row data too.  […]

Razorpay payment gateway php integration


In this tutorial, I will explain to you how we can integrate the Razorpay payment gateway into our PHP Application. Razorpay is the most user friendly payment gateway that’s provides payment solutions in India . It’s a new entry in payment gateways and getting popular very fast due to its friction less transactions functionality for […]

Bootstrap Contact Form with JavaScript Validation and PHP

Bootstrap is the most popular solution to design an optimum, intuitive, mobile-ready UI components. It is easy to integrate the Bootstrap library for the application interface. Often, many of my readers ask for a Bootstrap contact form code. So I thought of creating a basic example for a Bootstrap enabled PHP contact form. Bootstrap provides […]