Use of This and That

use of this nad that

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Welcome to – teaching you English through two-minute lessons. This lesson will help you learn the correct use of “this” and “that”. or difference between ‘This and That’.

The words ‘this and that’  are used to indicate or demonstrate subjects and are hence called ‘Demonstrative Pronouns’. A demonstrative pronoun has the ability to complete a sentence on its own and it usually replaces the noun, instead of modifying it. However, care should be taken to use them in the right context in any English grammatical scenario.

use of this nad that

This – यह
That – वह
This / That के साथ Singular Noun तथा Singular Verb प्रयुक्त होते हैं .

This – used for one object that is near.

This” is used when we are pointing at or talking about someone or some object near us.

Example :

1. यह एक घोड़ा हैं .This is a horse.
2. यह दूध हैं .This is milk.
3. यह पवन हैं .This is Pawan.


Negative Sentences

1. यह नमक नहीं हैं .This is not salt.
2. यह लड़का डॉक्टर नहीं बनेगा .This boy will not be a doctor.
3. यह पवन नहीं हैं .This is not Pawan.


That –

Used for one object that is far.

That” is used when we are pointing at or talking about someone or some object farther from us.

Example  :

  • That is a star .
  • That is moon.
  • That is sun.
  • That is a dam.
1. वह एक बकरी हैं .That is a goat.
2. वह चीनी हैं .That is sugar.
3. वह रवि हैं .That is Ravi.

Negative Sentences

1. वह बकरी नहीं हैं .That is not a goat.
2. वह रवि नहीं हैं .That is not Ravi.

This” and “That” are a singular form used to indicate people, objects and situations.

This” is used when the person or object is near to us and “that” is used when the person or object is farther from us.



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