Introduction to Python

What is Python?

Python is a high-level popular programming language, It was created by Guido van Rossum, and released in 1991.
It is used for:

  • web development (server-side),
  • software development,
  • mathematics,
  • system scripting.



Get User Current Location

In this article you will learn how to get visitor’s current location. For this, we are using the HTML5 Geolocation API. HTML5 Geolocation API is used to get visitor’s latitude and longitude and helps us to easily trace the visitor’s full address (location, city, district, state, pincode ), but this is possible only when the user click on the allow button to share their location.

Detecting Your Location With PHP

get user locationMost modern devices are capable of detecting their own location either through GPS, WiFi, or IP geolocation. Developers can use this information to provide better search suggestions, nearby store locations, and implement all kinds of useful map interactions in their apps and websites.

Load Data Dynamically on Page Scroll using jQuery and PHP

In this tutorial, we are going to see about loading data into a web page dynamically as the user scrolls it. We will be using jQuery and AJAX for the dynamic load on the scroll. Initially, we will show a limited number of results on page load. The subsequent bunch of records will be shown while scrolling down the page using jQuery AJAX event handler. This is an alternate solution for per-page navigation scenario.

scroll page load data


Jquery Dropdown With Search

Search is a useful feature for an HTML drop-down list. Especially it will increase user convenience to select items from the drop-down having a long list. In this tutorial, we are going to list city dropdown with a search option. In a previous tutorial, we have seen Google New reCaptcha using PHP – Are you a Robot? .

In this tutorial, we are having a list of items in a Javascript array. We are using the jQuery select2 library to supply these list and to display the dropdown with a search.



How To Create Rounded And Circular Images With Css

In this tutorial, we’ll go over some CSS techniques for rendering circular <img> elements. The main CSS property responsible for the effect is border-radius.

Though it’s quite simple to apply the effect to square images, rectangular images will require a little bit more extra work.

rounded and circular images with CSS

Cookie Consent warning strap with HTML-CSS-JS

We know there are many pointless, dumb laws out there that make no sense. The European Cookie Law is also annoying because you have to start by closing a popup every single time you visit a website. This law is a privacy legislation that requires sites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information about them.

cookies law warning strap


Google New reCaptcha using PHP – Are you a Robot?

Today i would like to show you how to implement new reCaptcha using PHP. I like the new design it is clean and impressive, hope you will like it. reCaptcha protects your website for spammers and robots, in this post I had implemented new reCaptch API system with HTML login form using PHP. I like the new design it is clean and impressive, hope you will like it. Please take a look quick look at the demo.

JSON Basics What You Need to Know

A common use of JSON is to read data from a web server, and display the data in a web page.
If you’ve developed websites or web apps at all, you’ve probably heard of JSON, at least in passing. But what exactly is JSON ? What can it do, and how do you use it?


How to create sliding feedback form using jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create fancy looking feedback form Using jQuery And Bootstrap which slides from the right/left side of your web page. I am sure there are many plugins available for CMS like Joomla, WordPress but it’s always a good idea to code something of your own. Certainly, you require this code when you are developing everything at your own and not using any kind of CMS. So let’s see how it actually works!


feedback.js is a really small jQuery plugin used to create a feedback tab on the left side of the screen that will slide out a contact form when toggled.


Sum HTML Textbox Values using JavaScript

Here is a small code snippet to sum the values of all textboxes using JavaScript. I wrote it for some functionality and thought to share it with you all. The requirement is simple, whenever user modify the value of a textbox, the fresh sum should be calculated and displayed on the other Textbox. I used JavaScript for this..

Add two textbox values