Auto-filling one field same as other

Often when creating a form on a web page, you need your customers to fill out a field such as a mailing address, as well as a billing address. Instead of having your customers fill out the form twice, you can use JavaScript to copy the form’s data from one field to another.

You might have noticed that sometimes websites like e-commerce or some government website have two address fields in their forms.One for primary address and another for secondary address(or one for billing address and another for shipping address etc).


Create pure CSS based toggle visibility button

Its a very simple and it looks super easy and simple so no need of JavaScript to hide and show objects if we have a super easy and fast CSS method to do that.


PHP Login Page with Sessions

Are you looking for PHP login script, in this post I want to discuss how to create a simple PHP login with welcome page using MySQL database. This will explain you creating admin_login tables, posting form values and storing and destroying the session values. If you are a PHP beginner download script and take a quick look at this live demo with Username : admin Password : admin. This post has been updated with mysqli.

php login


Add Security to your PHP projects using .htaccess file

In this article very small discussion about .htaccess file. After lots of requests I publish this article to add more security to your php application using .htaccess file. In this tutorial I want to explain about hiding .php extensions and URL rewriting. So improve your Web projects security and quality.


How to Create a Jquery Plugin

This post is explains how easy you can built a jQuery plugin, we made a simple plugin called LinkColor. It makes your website anchor links so colourful and pretty beautiful, Just few line of code and very simple to use. Follow the eight steps and learn how to create your own jquery plugin.


Multiple File Drag and Drop Upload using Jquery and php

Are you looking for Drag and Drop multiple file upload using HTML5. Just take a look at this post, I had implemented this system with using jquery and PHP that uploads multiple files into server. This script helps you to enrich your web applications upload system. It works with all modern browsers.

Drag and Drop file


Analyzing URLs as Links to the resource using a PHP function

This is PHP function split_url_fuction() writter for twitter like application that i am developing, useful to split URL from the updated sentence(posted message), then URL changing like tinyurl and link to the resource.
This function is break up the URL from the sentence, if the URL string length greater than 30 words it’s change like TinyURL.


Timeago Implementation with Jquery and PHP

Timeago is the most important functionality in social networking sites, it helps to updating timestamps automatically. In this post I am just presenting a simple tip to implement timeago in a better way with dynamic loading live data using Jquery and  PHP.



Understanding Regular Expression

Regular ExpressionRegular expression is the most important part in form validations and it is widely used for search, replace and web crawling systems. If you want to write a selector engine (used to find elements in a DOM), it should be possible with Regular Expressions. In this post we explained few tips that how to understand and write the Regular Expression in simple way.

Will discuss about basic regular expression in three stages.


Timeline Design using CSS and Jquery

Timeline design is the current web trend that visualizes the data in an interesting way. Today I want to discuss about how to design a timeline in a simple way with JSON data feed , that using CSS pseudo elements such as :before and :after. Pseudo elements are used to apply special effects to selectors.

Timeline Design