PHP Predefined Error Constants

Few days before, we have seen about PHP errors which are classified by the time of occurrence, recovery possibilities and etc. We can decide and control, which of these errors should be displayed at the time of its occurrence, by using predefined constants available in PHP represented as the error code or error constants. Let […]

How To Work With PHPs Configuration File – php.ini File


While installing PHP, this file is provided with PHP installation settings. For that, it includes set of directives provided with respective values. These directives are of two types based on the values they have. These are, Value Directive – It contains values with respect to the name of the directive. For example, include_path is a […]

How to Sorting MySQL Column using PHP

In PHP we can sort database results based on a column field using MySQL order by clause. Previously, we have seen about how to change the MySQL row order using jQuery. Now, we are going to see an example to sort UI results by clicking on the column name in the header ( Sorting MySQL […]

PHP Current Date

After a little break, happy to meet PHP readers again. Now, we are going to see PHP functions that are used to get the current date. There are several PHP supported date functions in this regard, but varied based upon the arguments, return type and etc. These functions are listed as follows that will be […]

How to Converter Currency Using PHP

Currency Converter is used to convert one currency into another currency. Previously for currency conversion, we are using Google Finance API. But now Google Finance API is deprecated and no longer supported by Google. So it means no future development, and no bug fixes will be done in Google finance API. Also according to the […]

Dates and Time in PHP

PHP includes a lot of date and time functions. These functions are coming under PHP date and time-related extensions. These are used perform various operations with date and time, like getting date time information based on the input or parameters passed, performing date time manipulation, converting date input formats from one another and more. In […]

How to Restore MySQL Database using PHP


Restoring database via a program can be used in an application where dynamic loading is required. It can also be used to build a custom MySQL client application. I have already written about taking backup of a database through code, in the article How to Backup MySQL Database using PHP and you can download the code […]

Export MySQL database records to a CSV file


In this tutorial, we are going to see how to export MySQL database records to a CSV file. Few days before we have seen about how to read from a CSV file. After connecting to the database, we have to fetch MySQL table records. These database results should be formatted as CSV string with proper delimiters and […]

PHP Database Backup Client for MySQL


There are various database clients available in the market, for example, SQLyog, HeidiSQL, phpMyAdmin and more. These are popular database clients. In this tutorial, we are going to create our own client interface for taking database backup. This will be a series of articles and in future, I will be enhancing it and eventually building […]