Getting Checkbox Values in jQuery


In HTML Form, the dropdown, checkbox type fields have an array of value. In this post, we are going to see how to get the array of selected values from these form fields using jQuery. In this example, we are using jQuery each() to get each checked value in an array. Then this array values […]

Update/Delete Multiple Rows using PHP


We are well expertise with PHP CRUD operations by accessing MySQL via PHP logic. Yet, we have seen about how to update and delete table rows one at a time. This article deals with selecting multiple rows for applying update/delete operations. For selecting multiple rows, we are going to use checkbox input for submitting selected […]

File Explorer-like Tree View Plugin For jQuery – explr-js

File Explorer-like Tree View Plugin For jQuery

explr-js is a jQuery plugin that converts nested html lists into a File Explorer-like hierarchical tree with smooth animation and custom icons support. How to use it: 1. Load jQuery library and the jQuery explr-js plugin’s files in the html file 2. Create nested html lists containing hierarchical data to be represented as a tree: […]

PayPal Standard Payment Gateway Integration in PHP


PayPal is an American international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal is the most popular payment gateway to send and receive payment worldwide. PayPal is a widely used payment gateway to accept payment in the web application. PayPal payment gateway is the easiest option for the web […]

Load Data Dynamically on Page Scroll using jQuery and PHP

scroll page load data

In this tutorial, we are going to see about loading data into a web page dynamically as the user scrolls it. We will be using jQuery and AJAX for the dynamic load on the scroll. Initially, we will show a limited number of results on page load. The subsequent bunch of records will be shown […]

How To Create Rounded And Circular Images With Css

rounded and circular images with CSS

In this tutorial, we’ll go over some CSS techniques for rendering circular <img> elements. The main CSS property responsible for the effect is border-radius. Though it’s quite simple to apply the effect to square images, rectangular images will require a little bit more extra work.

Google New reCaptcha using PHP – Are you a Robot?


Today i would like to show you how to implement new reCaptcha using PHP. I like the new design it is clean and impressive, hope you will like it. reCaptcha protects your website for spammers and robots, in this post I had implemented new reCaptch API system with HTML login form using PHP. I like […]

Sum HTML Textbox Values using JavaScript

Add two textbox values

Here is a small code snippet to sum the values of all textboxes using JavaScript. I wrote it for some functionality and thought to share it with you all. The requirement is simple, whenever user modify the value of a textbox, the fresh sum should be calculated and displayed on the other Textbox. I used […]